Lugana DOC Campo Argilla: Best in test

Lugana DOC Campo Argilla: Best in test

In Danemark our Lugana DOC Campo Argilla 2017 mentionad as best in test and awarded with 5 on 6 points from GASTROMAND one of most followed danish blogs, with more than 90.000 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followersr.

“Herlig, næsten rieslingagtig næse med citrus og pære. Munden har smæk på syren, blid sødme og masser af charme. Pleaservin af bedste skuffe.” translated: “ Lovely, almost riesling-like nose with citrus and pear. The mouth has a bite on the acid, gentle sweetness and lots of charm. Pleaservin of the best drawer. .

In the article we find also our Soave Classico DOC Campo Vulcano 2017 – 4 on 6 points.
“Næsen giver ikke meget af sig, men munden afslører en fyldig fætter. Krydret, cremet og harmonisk vin i den tunge ende. Til hønsefugle, havtaske og hummer.” – “The nose doesn’t give much of it, but the mouth reveals a rich cousin. Spicy, creamy and harmonious wine in the heavy end. For chicken birds, monkfish and lobster.“.

Perfect example of how the same vintage is expressed differently in a few kilometers and to the change of land and grapes.

Today we are only at the second vintage of production but we are convinced that our Lugana DOC Campo Argilla can give us different satisfactions like Soave Classico DOC Campo Vulcano.


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