Bottle sizes: how many are there?

Bottle sizes: how many are there?

Normally people know common bottle sizes, 750 liters, magnum 1,5 liter and double magnum 3 liters, maybe sparkling for special occasions.

Not everyone knows that there are 17 different bottle sizes based on the capacity: from “Small” of 0.1875 liters to the last one “Melchizédec” of 30 liters of capacity.

Starting from “Jeroboam” of 3 liters, name of bottles refer to biblical names. This because wine merchants, in particular from Champagne, in 19th century noted that the request of big bottle sizes was higher in particular periods of the year, coincident with importa or special occasions. So they decided to name bottles with special and prestigious names to recognize these bottles. In this way, they would like to associate a specific bottle with the occasion, capturing the attention and curiosity of all wine lovers.

So what are these formats:

Small: 0.1875 liters

Chopin: 0.25 liters

Demi: 0.375 liters

Standard: 0.75 liters

Magnum: 1.75 liters

Jeroboam: 3 liters

Rehoboam: 4.5 liters

Mathusalem: 6 liters

Mordecai / Salmanazar: 9 liters

Balthazar: 12 liters

Nabuchodonosor: 15 liters

Melchior: 18 liters

Solomon: 20 liters

Sovereign: 25 liters

Goliath: 27 liters

Melchizedec: 30 liters


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