Terre del Progno


On this vineyard, Flavio produces Rosso IGT Veneto “Campo Prognare”, we are in the middle area of Lessini, in a specific area marked by the river “Progno” in Illasi. The vineyard grows on an abbandoned river characteristic of the area of Cellore d’Illasi.

The main characteristic of the soil is the prevalence of gravel and sand that have deposited following the historical floods of the Progno torrent. 
In the vineyard at Campo Prognare the colours are focused on white and pink colors of the limestones and red scales of the Cretaceous. Deep soils with a high drainage and low water retention, useful for the cultivation of vine also with Guyot training system. 

In this area, the climatic conditions maintain in the must a good level of acidity also above the mean. Wines are characterized by intense and aromatic notes with spicy sensations.


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