Terre di Marna


Is the highest vineyard of the winery. A large area based on the top of a geologically important ridge that, for many years, has represented the site of an ancient marl quarry. Here the landscape seems somewhat “lunar”. A calcareous and yellow marl wall surrounds the vineyards that stand in their turn on a stony and shrill white mantle.
. The mix of calcareous and clay, the marl, offers great opportunity to the must but also to the wines. Calcareous guarantees deep roots that also support the persistence of prolonged drought events.

Marl, rich in mineral nutrients, confers to must high sugar concentrations. These are mediated by the presence of acidity, even in malic acid, due to significant change in temperatures that can be achieved at these altitudes.

Even in these vineyards the Corvinone is one of the most cultivated varieties and can give the wine a characteristic complex of aromas, spices in particular. On Campo Marna Cinquecento vineyard, Flavio Prà obtain grapes to produce his best Amarone
The combination of different factor (South-south-east exposure, fresh Lessini breezes, strong thermal excursions, depth of the terrain and the important limestone-clay link) allow to obtain musts with strong spices and red cherry fruit with strawberry and raspberry accents.

Thank to the experience of Flavio Prà, the training of Pergola Veronese and Guyot were adapted to the territory to produce a wine with a great aromatic spectrum.

Amarone della Valpolicella Campo Marna Cinquecento is the son of this great terroir!



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